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It’s rare that I have the time to spontaneously sit down and write; but at this present moment I do.  You guys will know by now that I normally have to schedule in my blogging and even then it doesn’t always happen!  But today has been a productive day and suddenly I have this urge to write.

My Friday began with a gym session with Coffee2Words, followed by a tasty breakfast here.  It used to be some what of a ritual for us but doesn’t happen so often anymore.  After breakfast I headed off to uni for a lecture and then had a hot beverage with another friend before heading home to complete an online test for the same subject.  It was harder than I thought, so I’m a little worried about my results.

Following the test, I did some cleaning around the house and had some lunch.  I read a little bit of my current ‘30 things‘ novel “The Kite Runner” and then did a couple of other daily tasks.

I’m feeling good.

For those of you who may not know, I have finally begun studying – a plan I’ve had in place for a couple of years now.  Initially I was looking to study Nutrition on its own but instead I am studying a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science and a Bachelor of Human Nutrition.  A double degree.  And I’m loving it!  It’s hard work but I am finding the course just as fascinating as I hoped.

As I continue my studies I’m hoping to share with you any facts or interesting information I come across along the way and if you guys have any questions at all I’d love to hear from you!

I was planning on moving over to a different site but that has taken a bit of a back seat for now.  My whole routine has taken a bit of a tumble and I’m still trying to figure myself out.  Uni, the gym, my 30 things project, my social life.  Trying to find some sort of order.  I know I work best when I have order and a routine; so why is that the hardest part???

Next week we have a class free week.  My main aim is to get up-to-date with all of my classes; but I also think working out a routine might be on the cards too.

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

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There’s so much media hype about “no sugar” but what about salt?

Salt matters – find out why by clicking here!’s me!  Yes, sorry I have been MIA for so long – with life getting in the way it’s been tough to find time to blog.  Anyhoo – this one is just going to be quick.

I’m currently doing some Saturday study [on a side note I have been accepted into a bachelor of exercise science and a bachelor in human nutrition to start this August!  WOO HOO!  Totally pumped!] and my current chapter is all about vitamins and minerals.

I’ve come to the end of the chapter and am reading about sodium.  In a nutshell diets high in sodium are not good.  But why do we hear so much media hype about no sugar and/or no fat and not so much about no sodium?

Personally, my problem has always been more of the sugar than the sodium as I’m much more of a sweet tooth – but for those of you who love their savouries, maybe check to see just how much sodium you are taking in.

I ask you to have a read of the link above and if you want to read more also check out:

It’s amazing just how much sodium can be found in our diets without even realising it.  Make sure you are also aware that salt and sodium are not the same thing.  Yes salt is made up of sodium, but they are not interchangeable.  For example one gram of salt equates to around 400mg of sodium.

Anyway have a read and let me know your thoughts – are you a salt lover?

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Exciting News!

Wow…OK….I just watched “2001: A Space Odyssey” and I am kind of weirded out!  Haha.  It was a good movie, slow to start but then I felt it was all coming together and there was a bit of suspense and then it all just went trippy and left me unsure of exactly what just happened!  But I still feel it was good.  Go figure!

It’s absolutely pouring outside, which is good as we need the rain, but this is insane!

Anyway, obviously neither of those random comments are my news……

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And so my favourite time of year has come to an end.  I can’t believe it’s over…it’s scary how quickly the past week went by.  I planned to write a lot more than I did; but I am pleased to report that I got to see many of my friends and spend some quality time with family – and that, to me, is what the Christmas season is all about.

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