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Tonight at Zumba we had a very small class. There were only 5 of us which was kinda cool. I normally try to get to Zumba at least once a week – ideally twice. Wednesday night’s always tend to be smaller for some reason. When I go on Saturdays it is always jam-packed.

Anyway I really enjoyed tonight’s class – there was a good mix of tracks, some laughs and we ended the class with HAPPY by Pharrell Williams. As I left I felt really energised and well…HAPPY! So I thought I’d share this song with anyone who hasn’t heard it before. If you can’t smile and feel happy listening to it then I think there’s something wrong with you 😛

It also got me thinking of how important it is to enjoy your work outs. It’s the key to keeping motivated. If you really don’t enjoy a form of exercise DON’T try to force yourself to do it. Find something you love and you’ll find your motivation. It’s that simple 🙂

Good night all xx

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Life’s Too Short….

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook wall and I wanted to share it with you all.  

I’m unsure where it comes from, but I love the message it sends out…  Enjoy



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Sydney, Sailing and Sunburn

Australia is currently going through a heatwave.  You know it’s hot when the radio station DJ’s are warning you to keep drinking plenty of water and to go shopping centres or movie theatres if your house doesn’t have air conditioning!!

Although it is up in the low 40’s (around 107ish for those of you who may not use the metric system) it has been cooler down the coast so yesterday my best friend and I spent the day at the beach.  It was lovely – we had some good quality girl time, chatting and laughing mixed with time in the sun and surf 🙂


I think this sums up the Australian beach scene quite nicely. Without a cloud in the sky it was the perfect beach day 🙂

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Getting out of your comfort zone

Oh, hi, didn’t see you there…

Yep!  I’m still here, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth – although I have fallen a little off the wagon.  Instead I’ve been focusing on one of my other loves.  Music.

This is by far my favourite time of year when it comes to music – it’s Soundwave time!  And with each year the line ups just get more and more amazing.  If you’re a lover of the more heavy alternative music scene then this is the music festival for you!  But it’s not just the festival, it’s the number of sideshows that come along with it.

Last Wednesday I headed out to see Blink-182, my favourite band whilst growing up – it’s been around 8 years since they have visited Australia and although Travis was unable to head down under, Brooks Wackerman did a fantastic job on the drums.  I was very impressed.  He added his own flare but brought it all together nicely – very tight.

Sunday was the actual festival – always a MASSIVE day!  And I saw numerous bands I haven’t been able to see before – the highlight of my day being Metallica.

Yesterday I headed to another sidewave and saw Stonesour and Linkin Park.  This I did, on my own!  Something I have never done before!  And I’m pleased to say I actually had a good time.  It was a little odd but I had time to myself, to really drown myself in the music and to people watch.  Going to a gig solo is something I’ve wanted to do this year and I think the next step will be a movie on my own.  I’ve found that instead of missing out on something if I am unable to find someone to go with…just go myself!  It’s not hard and life’s too short not too!

I guess the main reason I’ve never done it is because I have always been quite concerned with what other people will think…well no more!  This is the start of doing what I want to do and no regrets!

Sadly…I now don’t have any more gigs coming up and I don’t think I will for quite some time.  And I feel a little of the post-soundwave-hype blues.  I guess it’s time to knuckle back down with the health and fitness (because yes, it took a bit of a back seat – treating myself to a meal out on Saturday night and then the not so healthy food choices on Sunday were not good for my 12WC…but back on the wagon now…and I’ll update you all more about the 12WC on Sunday.

Until then – I’ll leave you with my all time favourite song – live from Soundwave in Brisbane…I wanted to post my own video from the Sidewave, however I can’t figure out how to do that.  So this is the next best thing (and better quality than mine would be anyway!)  Enjoy, none-the-less.

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Friday Fun!

Happy Friday!

This week has zoomed by – I really don’t know where it went.  A lot happened this week, but more about that later…

In the mean time I thought I’d create a little poll and find out what you, my readers, find hardest when trying to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.  I  would also love to hear from you as to how you overcome these difficulties?  Please feel free to comment below.

This is my first poll, so if successful I might just make it a regular “installment” in my blog 🙂  Enjoy!!!


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A little something…

I found this video and thought it quite appropriate….enjoy!

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