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Sunday Shout Out – 9

Back in 2005 my workplace offered free Pilates classes for a period of time. It ensured that for 1 hr at least twice a week we could get away from our desk; recharge; relax and do something towards our health/fitness. When that stopped I tried one or two classes outside of the work environment but just didn’t feel it was the same. Needless to say I didn’t do it again.

Until 2 weeks ago.

I decided to give the class at our gym ago – and realised all over again how awesome it is. Due to the timing of the class coinciding with my PT sessions I can only do it once a fortnight but I intend to do it every second week with the possibility of switching my PT to another day/time down the track.

So far I’ve had two classes and OMG! The instructor is great; and I remember now how good it is for both your body and your mind. After the class I have felt, revived and more at peace and I feel like my body is a bit more “re-set”. Both classes have already got me focussing on the correct way to move my pelvis/abs/hips/lower back which affects the way I lift too. It also helps me to learn to isolate certain muscles. I’ve realised too how all of this affects your every day life – improving posture and alignment etc and I’m really excited about having added this to my routine.

If you’ve never tried Pilates I highly recommend it. Young or old. Male or female (we had 3 men in our class on Thursday) at least give it a go.

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Sunday Shout Out – Week 8!

Today’s shout out is a special one, as I have a transformation to share with you all!  This weeks shout out goes to a man I have been following on instagram for the last few months.  I read his story and was very moved.  I started following him and I believe he is one of the most down to earth, real and inspirational people on instagram.  He is always supportive of others on their journeys and he has a sense of humour which is contagious.  If you have instagram I highly recommend checking out his page:  @biggieodonnell

Here is his story:

My Journey began 15 months ago… A severely obese close friend of mine (450 Lbs.) suffered a brain aneurysm. At the time I weighed 475 pounds trying to get into a bathroom big enough for a small person. His dead weight was almost impossible to stand him up. With the quick response of myself and paramedics he’s alive today. This happened on a Sunday. When I got home from the hospital I broke down in tears realizing that could of been me and no person small or big could handle such large weight and save my life. I didn’t sleep that night. At 430 am I went for a walk around the block. Winded and wanting to quit I made myself a promise not to give up. In 15 months I’ve lost 225 pounds due to healthy eating and basic heavy training with 90 minutes of daily cardio. My journey will never be done as I know my life has changed for the better and eager to help those who stand at the starting line I once stood at.



I love hearing about people striving to better themselves and are more than happy to help others in the process 🙂  It makes me happy!  Awesome work Biggie!  Keep it up 🙂

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Sunday Shout Out Week 7

Today’s message is short and simple – today’s shout out goes to all my fellow Aussies celebrating AUSTRALIA DAY.

Whether you have enjoyed an iconic BBQ somewhere, spent the day at home, been to the gym, spent the day at the Big Day Out or listening to the Hottest 100; whatever it is you have done or are doing I hope you are with loved ones and have stayed safe, spared a thought for what we are celebrating…but most importantly, had fun 🙂


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Sunday Shout Out Week 6!

Gym Motivation Tees!  <—- check out the site here!!!

This weeks Shout Out goes to an awesome gym clothing website I stumbled across.  It has some fantastic fun, motivational t-shirts and clothing for the gym/working out.

I am keen to reward myself with a few items of clothing from this website when I reach my goal weight 🙂

I thought I’d share with you all in case you are also in the market for some new work out clothes!  Enjoy!


Sunday Shout Out Week 5!

This weeks Shout Out goes to YOU!  My followers.

Looking at my stats for the month of December I am pleased to see that my views have exceeded every month since February this year.  This is exciting as I have seen a decline on views since I started my blog back in November last year.

Monthly stats

Monthly stats

I am also excited to see that for the past week I have had people viewing my blog every day.  This has encouraged me to post more often and think of ways to keep things interesting for you all.  

Thanks to everyone for your support and I look forward to continuing this journey with you all in 2014 🙂


Sunday Shout Out Week 4!

Sunday Shout Out Week 4!

This weeks Shout Out goes out to my good friend’s canine companion!

This little pug has recently shed a few kg and is currently in an intensive training program involving sitting, staying, dropping, shaking and high-fiving.  He  is currently in training to roll!  He has also recently discovered a love for the ocean!

Very proud of this little guy and am glad I got to spend some time with him and his owner as it has been far too long! I also got to meet her new man too. LOVE YOU ALL! xx

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