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2015 so far!

Happy New Year to you all!  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable festive season and as we move into another brand new year, I wish you all the best.  If last year wasn’t your finest moment, then wipe that slate clean and jump back on that wagon!  If 2014 was a good one then keep that momentum flowing into the new year and make it even BETTER!

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Today I went for a walk on my lunch break to some nearby rose gardens, which, until recently I didn’t even know existed.  The weather was perfect: clear blue sky, sunshine and just the slightest breeze.
It was so peaceful I wished I could have spent hours there. Sometimes its nice to try something new, especially if it has multiple purposes! It was both a nice break and also helped towards my steps for the day.
I am currently in a Steps Challenge through work – to walk 10,000 steps a day. It is both an individual and team challenge. This week is tough with my final exams but I am still managing to do more steps than normal so that’s a good start!!!
I’ve done the challenge before but never really succeeded. Let’s see how this year goes 🙂

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North vs South


The North Side!

Every city tends to have a bit of friendly rivalry between residents depending on which area you live in.  For us Canberrans, it is the North Side and the South Side.  To put it simply – whether you live North of Lake Burley Griffin or South.

I grew up on the South Side and when I moved back to Canberra last year and moved in with the folks, I was reunited with the South Side once more.  I’d never even contemplated living “over there”.  But then again, I also had no real idea of how long I would be here for and was considering studying overseas too.

My first semester of uni is coming to a close and what I had thought I would do a few months ago has changed.  I did intend to spend at least a semester overseas, but now I feel that remaining settled here in Canberra for the remainder of my degree may be the right thing to do.  And then, upon completion of my degree, I could go and do some further studies elsewhere.

It’s strange how ideas change.  What felt right yesterday, suddenly doesn’t seem like the best idea today…and so, last Friday I signed my lease for my new place!  I am moving North Side!  I all kind of came out of nowhere.  But that is me – once I’ve made a decision I tend to just run with it!  The main reason was for convenience – to be closer to uni and work; but the majority of my friends are over that side and I feel a change of scenery will be just what I need.  I also feel I will live a healthier and more active lifestyle over there with more opportunities to walk places and a whole new world to explore!

And so the photo I have posted today represents the North Side and a whole new chapter of my life!  In one month’s time I will be settling in, developing a new routine and enjoying the change.

Good bye South Side…until we meet again [yes, no matter where I am…I’m a South Sider at heart 🙂 ]

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Sunday Shout Out – Week 8!

Today’s shout out is a special one, as I have a transformation to share with you all!  This weeks shout out goes to a man I have been following on instagram for the last few months.  I read his story and was very moved.  I started following him and I believe he is one of the most down to earth, real and inspirational people on instagram.  He is always supportive of others on their journeys and he has a sense of humour which is contagious.  If you have instagram I highly recommend checking out his page:  @biggieodonnell

Here is his story:

My Journey began 15 months ago… A severely obese close friend of mine (450 Lbs.) suffered a brain aneurysm. At the time I weighed 475 pounds trying to get into a bathroom big enough for a small person. His dead weight was almost impossible to stand him up. With the quick response of myself and paramedics he’s alive today. This happened on a Sunday. When I got home from the hospital I broke down in tears realizing that could of been me and no person small or big could handle such large weight and save my life. I didn’t sleep that night. At 430 am I went for a walk around the block. Winded and wanting to quit I made myself a promise not to give up. In 15 months I’ve lost 225 pounds due to healthy eating and basic heavy training with 90 minutes of daily cardio. My journey will never be done as I know my life has changed for the better and eager to help those who stand at the starting line I once stood at.



I love hearing about people striving to better themselves and are more than happy to help others in the process 🙂  It makes me happy!  Awesome work Biggie!  Keep it up 🙂

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Life’s Too Short….

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook wall and I wanted to share it with you all.  

I’m unsure where it comes from, but I love the message it sends out…  Enjoy



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2014. To. Bigger. Better. Things.

2014. To. Bigger. Better. Things.

I saw this picture on Facebook this morning and I thought it was fantastic – simple yet very inspiring. A New Year is a clean slate, we can make it as good or as great as we like. What are you going to do with the next 365 days? Only you can choose!

Happy New Year Everyone – let’s make this our best year yet!!!

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