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A deadline

on December 28, 2013

Continuing on from this post, I wanted to go into a bit more detail of how my mindset changed after my health assessment.  It dawned on me whilst I was away that it was less than 3 months until I turned 30.  For some reason (familiar to some, but peculiar to others) turning 30 scares me terribly!  I guess society has it drilled into us that by the time we are 30 (and particularly as women), we will be married, have at least 1 child, own a home and have a successful career.  We will know what we want in life and be well on the way to achieving that, if not already.

I can tell you now – I’m not married (in fact, I broke up with my boyfriend just over a week ago); I do not have children; I’m currently living with my parents and I’m planning on going to university in just over 12 months.  I’m pretty much as far from the ideal as you can get.  But the question is would I be happy?  Honestly, I can’t answer that one.  But I think of all the places I have been able to travel to in the last 10 years and I sure as hell don’t regret a second.  And have I wanted to own a house?  Well, not really…one day I would like to, but really who cares if I’m 20 or if I’m 40 when I buy my first house?!  But with society’s help, s a young girl I gave myself this silly time frame to achieve certain goals by…


photo credit: google images

This number which, as it draws closer, is simply that, a number

A number which I decided was no longer going to scare me – instead I decided I’d use the number as a deadline…a date to aim for, to achieve my goal weight by.  And suddenly I was focused on something else…instead of the fear of turning 30, it had become a date to look forward to – a date when I was going to be a healthier version of myself.  And suddenly I was keen, motivated and a little excited.

As soon as I got back, I showed my results to my trainer and he sat down with me and we put together an eating plan.  I went home and put it into practice the very next day.  For almost a month I saw very little change… it was very de-motivating.  I was confused.  I had no idea what I was doing wrong.  So on the 21st of November, we sat down again and my trainer re-jigged my eating plan a little and he added in 3 morning cardio sessions a week.  This would mean I would be training  3-4 weights sessions a week and 4 cardio sessions a week.  I didn’t think I would see any change but I made sure I stuck to the eating plan 100% (ensuring I actually weighed out my food properly this time) and added in the extra cardio.

And BOOM – suddenly I saw results.

21/11 – 74.7kg

28/11 – 72.9kg

5/12 – 73.4kg

12/12 –  72.2kg

19/12 – 71.8kg

Interestingly enough the week I saw an increase I wasn’t as strict with my diet and I wasn’t measuring as much.  I also did not do all my sessions…

So from when I was first weighed on 24th of October I have lost almost 5 kg (11 pounds).  Definitely a leap in the right direction!  It’s great to see what works and what doesn’t work.  I guess ultimately it’s all a bit of trial and error and what works for one person doesn’t always work for the next.

Being Christmas I’ve got a little off track this week and a bit and so there was a gain when I measured myself on Thursday – but I know not to worry, to enjoy and then just jump back up and keep going!

With the delays/hurdles in my weight loss I have fallen off track in terms of being able to realistically hit my goal weight on my birthday, BUT it’s all about the journey and if it takes that little bit longer, it takes that little bit longer.  30 will be the year I do achieve it though!  Yep – I’m no longer going to let 30 scare me….30 is going to be my bitch 😉

Have you ever experienced this feeling of dread towards turning 30?  What are your thoughts on society and expectations?


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