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Spring, Squats and Sugar free challenges

on September 6, 2013

Dinner tonight was great – a good mix of protein, carbs and healthy fats (coconut oil):


And now, as I sit here at the kitchen table with a cup of green tea, I am glad I resisted the temptation of a creme caramel dessert in the fridge!

It’s been a while and I apologise – from this week on I have decided to schedule in a block of 1-2 hours each week entirely to blogging!  Reading other people’s latest posts in addition to writing my own.  Hopefully, in time, I can increase this back up to a couple of times a week but for now I think that’s an achievable goal.

So, what’s been happening I hear you ask?  

Well here in Australia, for those further afield, September = Spring and boy am I glad that the weather is heating up again 🙂  The days are getting longer and it’s not as hard to get out of bed in the mornings!

We are moving closer to my favourite time of year SUMMER!  However, as we move closer to summer, this also moves us closer to that time of year when you expose more skin and damned if I’m going to be unhappy with the skin on display!

Although I have still been training (aside from a week here or there when I was unwell), it hasn’t been as often as I’d like.  So, with the arrival of Spring it is time to amp it up a notch.  I have joined the gym at my work place in addition to my current gym.  The gym at work has the advantage of also including a pool, spa, steam room and sauna and I can use it in my lunch breaks if need be.  It is also much quieter than my regular gym and so you don’t have to wait for machines!  Having both gyms at my disposal has allowed me 3 sessions so far this week and I plan to train on Sunday as well which will bring me to my current goal of 4 sessions this week.


In addition to this, mid last month a good friend of mine mentioned she was doing a bit of a personal “no sugar” challenge.  Basically she wasn’t allowing herself anything “blatantly sugary” such as lollies, cake, biscuits, soft drink or diet products with artificial sweeteners.  Fruit and fresh fruit juices were allowed along with protein bars/shakes.

This sounded like a great idea, and I decided to try it for myself!  Not only did I decide to try the no sugar, but I also decided to make it no alcohol as well!  A colleague also joined me in the challenge and we were keen and motivated for the first few days!  It really was an interesting experiment and although I still have 7 days to go I have already learnt a lot in this challenge.

It’s interesting to see just HOW OFTEN in everyday life you come into contact with the above “banned foods”.  Practically every day I have been offered a biscuit, a scone, lollies, cake, chocolate or soft drink or wine.  If I wasn’t doing this challenge, I’m 95% sure I would have had these foods 99% of the times I was offered.  It really is bad!  

Although I have caved on 5 occasions I made sure to really consider my choice and that it was on an extra special occasion (my Dad’s birthday, Father’s Day, a special girl’s day out).  And that’s what my friend and I have discovered, although we may not have stuck to the challenge 100% we have learned a lot from it and moving forward we will be able to make more conscious decisions about what we eat and when.  

I am proud to say that up until now I have been able to stay away from alcohol – most of the time sticking with water – sparkling on a special occasion 😉  However tomorrow I am allowing myself a couple of drinks as it is one of my best friend’s leaving dinner/drinks before she moves to Italy indefinitely.  From there, I won’t drink again until another good friend’s 30th birthday the following weekend.

Choices…this bumpy road I’m travelling on is really all about choices!  Taking a moment to think “do I REALLY need that?”

Another lesson I’ve learnt on this challenge, is that I actually really like challenges – although you may not “Win” as such, you always come out on the other end better off.

And so that brings me to my next challenge – which is actually overlapping with the current one.  SQUATEMBER!

In a nutshell you begin the month of September doing 50 squats, and add 5 squats each day – ending the month with 250 squats.  My colleague and I are both doing this one together and we decided to begin it on the 3rd and so had to play catch ups so we did 165 (50+55+60) squats in one day.  

The key to this challenge is breaking them up over the cause of the day.  10-15 squats per set is easy and it’s surprising how quickly they add up over the course of the day.

The best thing with squats is that you can do simple body weight squats, or you can squat against a swiss ball, you can squat with dumbbells or even with a bar bell.  There are so many different ways to squat you can literally do them anywhere 🙂

Can’t wait to see the end results….hopefully something like this:


One response to “Spring, Squats and Sugar free challenges

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