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Morning vs Night Time Training

on June 30, 2013

Before I begin with this post, I just wanted to make a point of mentioning one of the blog’s that I follow.  Although I haven’t had a lot of time lately to read many (if any) of the blogs I follow there is one in particular that almost always hits home when I do get the chance to scan the posts in my reader.  Pam Boyd’s blog is always full of useful tips and motivational sayings or just simply something that gets you thinking – and the post I read just now is no exception.  I recommend having a look if you get the chance!  Today’s post’s quote of “What You Allow, Is What Will Continue”  is so true – in all aspects of life….I feel sometimes that I don’t concentrate on fixing the little things – I’m always looking at the finishing line, wanting to be there when I still have the whole course to get through.  I try to take the short cut and end up right back where I began…

I guess that’s what we call learning?  You need to make mistakes to learn and if you keep trying the same things and you aren’t getting the results you need – well maybe it’s time to try something new?  Or for me, I think I need to remember that I must crawl before I can walk.  It’s frustrating but it’s true.

On Thursday I woke up with a killer pain in my ear and went to the nurse at work who told me I’d have to go to the doctor’s but it looked like an ear infection.  I’m now on antibiotics for it and by Friday night I was starting to feel better.  I decided that evening to go for a couple of drinks with my work colleagues and it ended up being a very big, late night.  Yesterday I woke up feeling particularly hung over and tired.  I haven’t really been drinking much these days and now I remember why.   So, the mix of the ear infection and the big Friday night completely messed up my fitness/health regime this week.  Why do I keep letting myself do this?

Anyway, what’s done is done…so I’m going to get up, dust myself off and move on….

I don’t think I’ve mentioned my new goals on here yet, and after writing the above I don’t think I will.  But, what I will say is this – I have goals in mind and my new PT has given me a program and an eating plan which should get me there.  I just need to stick with it!!

So, what are they you ask?

Well – the Eating Plan is as follows:

Meal One – 1 banana, 1/2 cup of oats and 1 egg.  I mix these up and fry them in a non stick pan.  Delish!  I’ve also added some cinnamon in the past and it’s worked really well – think I might add that back to the mix.

Meal Two – yoghurt and a piece of fruit

Meal Three – meat and salad and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil.  I also have the option to add 1/2 cup of brown rice or 100 g of sweet potato if I like

Meal Four – 5 flavoured rice cakes and either cottage cheese, hommus or 60g of smoked salmon

Meal Five – meat and veggies

It’s really not a difficult plan to stick too – and during the week it’s fine.  Weekends it’s a little tougher…so that’s what I need to focus on, ways to make it easier on the weekend. Anyone have any suggestions?

For my exercise I have been asked to do 1 cardio session before breakfast each week.  I have chosen to do the kick boxing class at my gym – I was contemplating the boxing class (and so I gave both a go to compare) but I think the kick boxing is better as it’s a full body workout (and the class is smaller too which I prefer).

I then have a program which my PT (I’m going to call him J for the purpose of the blog) put together – which I do 2 sessions of on my own – a legs day and an upper body day.  So far I’ve only had a chance to go and do the legs day on my own.

I then have my PT session with J.  So all up I am starting with 4 sessions a week.  Not hard at all.  My question is – morning or night?

So far my thoughts are to do my upper body session on Monday after work, Kick boxing Wednesday morning, PT on Thursday night and then legs day on Saturday or Sunday morning (depending on the weekend and what’s on).

I think this is a good mix – I must admit, I do like training in the morning as it gets me up and generally puts me in a good mood for the day but at the same time, after a busy day at work sometimes it’s nice to unwind a bit at the gym.  What do you prefer?  I’ve heard a range of differing opinions on what is better for you – but what I want to know is, what gets you the best results?

I guess time will tell….I have yet to do this whole routine AND the eating plan in full in one week.  Week One I managed a PT session and a boxing class and stuck to the diet in full and lost 3 kgs.  This week I’m not expecting a loss – next weekend I am flying into Melbourne for a work function and so although I can be strict all week my diet will be a bit compromised over the weekend – I know that I have no excuses as to getting in the 4 sessions though so it will be interesting to see results next week..  July is one of those months were I have 2 weekends away (the work function and my sister’s Hens Nights) so I think my results will be limited…but it will good to see how I go and then compare when I have a full week of perfect eating and the full regime…

What I would like to know is what your thoughts on all of this are?  Would love to see what you think in my poll below or feel free to comment?  Please note you can give multiple answers in the poll!


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