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Overdue Update!

on April 25, 2013

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written a decent post and there is a lot to say.  The reason for the lack of posts in the last month and a bit is that I have been struggling emotionally for a while – feeling a bit unsure of myself and doubting things I have been doing or saying.  This emotional block caused me to withdraw from everything and when speaking to a friend she made me realise that I should use my writing as an outlet.  If this is to be a true reflection of myself and my journey to become the best version of myself I can be, then I need to show all sides.  Not only when I’m feeling happy, excited and motivated, but those times when I am struggling too…to show how I make it to the other side.

General Well Being

Last December I wrote about the Foundations of Health and how it all starts with our thoughts.  The past month or so has shown me that this is 100% true.  As soon as I began to struggle emotionally everything else collapsed.  My diet suffered and my exercise levels dropped.  It got me thinking of seeing a psychologist again…to talk through a few of the things that are bothering me.  A lot of it comes down to last years diagnosis – I have not mentioned what that diagnosis was and may never do so in this blog.  But what I will say is that some days are easier than others and I know that my self-doubt stems from this too.

Sometimes I think that I can work through everything on my own and things do get better again temporarily but if the issues have not been addressed properly and are simply pushed aside they will continue coming up and I’ll never move on.  My move back home is just over a week away now and I have decided to see a psychologist again as soon as I get back.  I want this new chapter of my life to be successful and the only way forward is to fix the problems that are holding me back…

12 Week Challenge Completed

So moving away from the serious talk, on a more positive note, the 12 Week Challenge has come to an end and although I did not hit the goals I had set for myself I did manage to achieve some great results overall and have set some good groundwork to continue working on.

As part of the 12 Week Challenge I had my Bio Age done along with my measurements/physical tests and am pleased to announce I was found to be 5 years younger than my actual age!  My Top 3 Results were my alcohol consumption, my cholesterol level and the fact that I have breakfast daily.  The main thing for me to work on is to get my resting heart rate down as it was a little high.  This can be done by adding a cardio session into my week (as I’ve dropped back a bit on this and have been focusing more on resistance/strength).  I was also told I need to improve my flexibility – I know I need to stretch a lot more after my sessions.

I’ve actually misplaced the paper I had written all my measurements on but I do know that I lost cm’s off every part of me which was very exciting!  I lost a total of 5kg (11.02 pounds) and 4% body fat.  My push ups test was the same (27 in one minute) however I believe my technique has improved.  My plank went from 1 minute and 5 seconds at the beginning of the challenge to 1 minute 29 secs.  I went from a level 1 in the sit up test to level 3 AND the most exciting change was in the wall sit – where you basically squat against a wall.  I went from being able to hold the position for 51 seconds to being able to hold it for 2 mins 36 AND I probably could’ve gone longer.  So, all in all, I’m really happy with my results.  If I had pushed myself harder I know I would have easily hit the goals I set for myself, but as I mentioned before this has definitely laid down the ground work for me to continue on with my healthy lifestyle.

New Toys!

Nothing better than new toys…and one thing that is going to help with getting my resting heart rate down is my new Polar FT7 (check it out below).


I purchased this at the Australian Fitness and Health Expo last weekend and set it up tonight.  I’ve also registered for Polar’s free Personal Trainer tool – where you can upload your data and then analyse it to see whether you are training at the right intensity to get the results you are after.  You can track your training sessions, set up training programs and also share your results with your social network.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg!  I’m excited to use my polar at my upcoming PT session on Saturday.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!  From what I have heard once you have used the Polar you will never go back 🙂

The other new toy I purchased at the expo was a Meal Management System – one of these bad boys!  I have yet to use it as I figure I will start using it when I get into my new routine in my new home.  I am also looking into eating a “cleaner” diet and so the clean eating and new bag should work nicely together!  Watch this space.  [Please note due to my upcoming trip to America I’m not getting too strict with myself as I know I will not be able to maintain it completely whilst away – I’m being realistic here!!].

I also purchased a new gym outfit, some protein powder and ended up heaps of samples of different products to try.  I’m planning on changing up my exercise routine when I move and so am working out in my head at the moment exactly what I want to achieve.

6 Days to Go

I can’t believe I am coming up to my last week of work here in Sydney.  It’s exciting that my plan is slowly falling into place and I can’t believe how quickly this day has come.  The last 6 years or so has been an experience and I have learnt a lot but I am happy to be returning home.  I feel that I am coming up to a T intersection in my life and instead of going straight I have chosen to turn a corner….

I caught up for dinner with a friend I had not seen in months, earlier in the week, and she mentioned to me that I seem a lot more centred and calm and that she knows I have found my path.  It was a really nice thing to hear.  In the past I said I would never go back…but now I realise, I am not going backwards by going home, I am returning with an abundance of knowledge I did not have before, and instead I’ve found my path 🙂


2 responses to “Overdue Update!

  1. It’s true you never go back. I have loved my Polar for years, and it doesn’t do half the snazzy stuff the new ones do 🙂 And speaking of going back… 😥 This old town won’t be the same without you!

    • Ohhh I didn’t know you had a polar? Any tips? I can’t wait to try mine out properly tomorrow morning 🙂 Awww… I think Sydney town won’t even realise I’m gone! We will keep in touch though 🙂

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