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on March 10, 2013

Apologies for the lack of posts lately.  I don’t really have an excuse as to why really…I’ve just had a few things going on.  This post might be a rather lengthy one as I have a lot I want to get off my chest.  So heat up that popcorn, get yourselves comfy and prepare for some crazy tangents (there is sure to be a few changes in topic along the way!!!)

Where shall I begin…hrmm, yes, let’s start with the tub (small tub mind you) of delicious ice-cream I managed to devour on Friday night.  NO!  I can hear you all saying…yes, I did it.  I felt like a treat and so bought myself one of those Serendipity tubs of ice-cream – I’ve just had a look at the webpage and I thought it was the smallest size 130ml but in actual fact it was 500ml.  I intended to just have a little….but over the course of the night (whilst watching both Sliding Doors and Sex and the City 2) I managed to polish off the whole thing.  I must admit I did feel very sick afterwards, but I am not going to let myself feel bad or guilty!  I enjoyed every single mouthful!!!  [Although, I must admit I did feel rather sick afterwards].

Whilst reading a recent post on The Better Man Project I found this picture below.  I think it sums up how I felt after the ice-cream splurge quite nicely.

photo taken from The Better Man Project

photo taken from The Better Man Project

I’m glad that I am moving forward in my thinking…it’s a work in progress but it’s all about moderation and allowing yourself a treat every now again.  No-one expects you to be perfect and if you put these great expectations on yourself you are going to fail every time.

Last night I went out for dinner with a good friend who is moving overseas.  I chose  organic chicken with beans, mushrooms and lentils – healthy and delicious!  As it was a bit of a “last supper” type situation we splurged on a glass of pink chandon and we were going to have dessert but after walking around and around for at least an hour, we decided against it.  I’m glad and thought to myself that maybe a walk between dinner and dessert is a good idea as your brain has time to realise how full you are and that you really couldn’t stomach anything further!!!  I’m also hoping all the walking helped work off some of Friday night’s treat 😉

Speaking of treats, last year I treated myself to a new dress.  It was very cute and a bargain of a price too, however at the time it fit far too snugly for me to want to wear it out in public.  Last night when deciding what to wear I gave it a whirl and was stoked to find it fit really nicely!!!  I felt a bit self-conscious in it still as it did show a lot of leg…but was really glad to finally be able to wear it.  And it can only get better from here!

I found that the dress gave me a bit of a boost and hoping can kick me back into gear, as the last two weeks of the 12WC have lacked a bit of motivation.  It’s funny how you have good and bad days – but you can get stuck in the bad days a lot more easily.  The last week I’ve been having trouble sleeping as I’ve had really sore arms (this began to worry me as the pain has been similar to the pain I had last year where I ended up in hospital for a week) so I’ve tried upping my water intake to flush out any toxins if this is the case…will keep an eye on that!!!  Anyway, in a nutshell – I am keen to get back on track.  In doing so I am more prepared this week – having done a grocery shop (not as big but big enough for a start) and written out all of my exercise for the week.

This week will consist of:  Outdoor Fitness Class on Monday, Body Attack on Tuesday morning, Zumba on Wednesday, CX Worx on Thursday morning and then just some Xbox Kinect games on Friday – more of a rest day really.  I haven’t tried CX Worx before…so I’m quite excited about that one!  It’s also been a while since I’ve done any Zumba so that will be good to get back into again 🙂

The weekend will involve some exercise too, however, what exactly, is still to be decided.  The reason being, is that my brother’s girlfriend is visiting and we plan on doing something together.  Looking forward to a workout buddy for the weekend!

Speaking of weekends…I have come to realise that the majority of my weekends are starting to fill up between now and the big move.  I’m not sure if I had mentioned here, that the move back to my home town is official.  A few weeks ago I put in my resignation and my last day at work is now less than 2 months away.  I have so much to do in that time – not to mention two overseas trips to finalise!  It’s an exciting time in my life, but I find at the moment I am living a lot in the future.  Really, I should be embracing what I have now.   I did a search on quotes to do with living in the past, present and future, and here are a couple that I really liked…

Oh so true!  Sometimes we just need to stop, take a deep breath and look around us.  Who knows when our last day will be? Planning ahead is good…but sometimes it can take over our lives.  I feel like that is happening a little at the moment.  I met someone recently who has got me thinking about all of this…experiencing things I haven’t experienced before.  And the only way this can truly happen is by living in the now!

If you have made it this far I salute you!  Thanks for keeping up 🙂

Until next time – do me a favour, take a moment to stop, look around you and appreciate what you have today.  I really don’t think we do it enough.



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