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Week One Done and Dusted!

on February 10, 2013

Wow – what a week.  All I have to say is – where is my bed?!?  It’s been a busy one, particularly with work – which brings me back to the work/life balance situation – and finding when you’re concentrating on your health the perfect work/life balance is very important.  But, even with a couple of close to 12 hour days thrown in for good measure I’m extremely happy with my achievements this week.

Keeping my team motivated was one of my priorities this week and so I decided to send out some motivating emails – I actually found I really enjoyed this and it gave me thoughts as to a bit of a tangent I could take with my nutrition work later in life….but more about that another day.  In one of my emails I included the picture below, which I thought was quite a good one for the beginning of such a challenge.

So, this is my first update in regards to the challenge and I’d love to hear if there’s anything you would like me to include in these updates?  I guess the number one reason behind these updates is it keeps me fairly accountable but I’d love to be including things people enjoy reading about too!

I’ve decided to base my updates on the Weekly Planner we were given – which is broken down into Exercise/Nutrition/Water/Sleep and also One thing I will do this week and Top 3 Health and Lifestyle Priorities.  I’ll note what I found easy to achieve and what I found a bit tougher…and hopefully as the weeks go by we will see some progression and goals being achieved!

So firstly – this week I decided the “One thing I will do this week” would be to wake up when the alarm goes off first time.  Sadly, this one didn’t happen – but I’m not going to let that get me down – instead I’m going to attempt it again this week!  I have read before that not hitting snooze is better for you…anyone know anything about that??

My top 3 health and lifestyle priorities were – Not buying food at work, continue exercise daily and getting a good nights sleep!  I can confirm that I achieved two of these – the exercise and the getting a good nights sleep – I managed to get 8 hours (just) in every night and because I’ve got myself into the routine of exercise daily it’s kind of hard to stop now!  LOVE IT!!!

So, what did I do this week?

Monday – Outdoor Fitness Class (boot camp) – wow, what a session!  I think I must have done over 200 mountain climbers alone…it was a great session – good ab work out too!

Tuesday – Unfortunately I worked late this evening and so didn’t make my pump class.  As it was late I decided to walk a long way home from the tram stop and “power walked” it up.  Felt good when I got home – got the heart rate up!

Wednesday – The team and I did a weights session in the gym at lunch time.

Thursday – I did some cardio (treadmill and bike) on my lunch break again.

Friday – PT session before work.

Saturday – a bit of a rest day, but I did manage to do a plank, push ups, some wall squats and crunches and walked a fair bit around the shops too 😉

Sunday (today) – Pump class with my soon-to-be fitness buddy and inspiration – you know who you are!

And how did the elusive nutrition go down?  WELL!  I’m rather happy!  Although I did mix up some of the meals I had planned and replaced them with alternatives I still ate healthy whilst at work all week!  Wednesday night I had dinner with a friend and was very happy with my choice of swordfish, zucchini, eggplant and potato.  Afterwards though, I treated myself to ice-cream.  I felt bad about it – but have since come to realise (after a chat with my ever wonderful PT) that I should not see this as “naughty”.  Her words were actually:

First thing, don’t see it as naughty otherwise you will do it again.

Let it go it is in the past and 80/20 it won’t make a difference to your results.

We need to talk about perception.  See you tomorrow

So true – and so, this weekend I didn’t limit myself at a birthday dinner for my sister and niece.  I had pasta and desert and enjoyed it too!  I didn’t allow myself to feel guilty and I moved on.  After the dinner I had a green tea which I also had instead of a juice with breakfast this morning.

I have not had an alcoholic beverage this week and I’m now wondering if I could possibly cut out the alcohol for the next 12 weeks.  I’ll have to check out the diary and see if there are any events coming up 😉

Anyway – to sum up Week 1 – exercise CHECK, diet – if we go by the 80/20 rule – CHECK, water – CHECK and sleep CHECK!  My PT also weighed and measured me and since she had last weighed and measured me (prior to my measurements done by the actual 12WC crew) the highlights are that I have lost 1.5kg and 2cm off my hips!! So all in all…I have to say WEEK ONE has been a success.

Let’s see what Week Two brings!


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