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Preparation is key

on January 29, 2013

According to Google, the word preparation means:

1. The action of making ready or being made ready to use.  

2. Something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.

You are going on a trip, you have an upcoming exam, you are hosting a party, you want to run that marathon….for any of these things there’s a certain amount of preparation which must be done.  But when it comes to our diet the majority of us are not prepared!  It feels so much easier to buy that coffee and muffin on the way to the school…to go in on lunch with the team at work….

No one said this was meant to be easy!  But when it comes to our diet, why is it so much harder to prepare than it is to prepare for that holiday?  Is it because it takes time?  Because it’s not as fun?  (Some people would argue that I believe!)  Because we’re not as good at it?  I think for me, the lack of preparation really comes down to being lazy!  When I get home from work the last thing I want to do is to cook – most of the time I’m pretty good though, I’ll whip up some form of protein (tuna, eggs, kangaroo meat) and veggies.  It’s quick and it’s simple.  But lunch…that is where I struggle.

It’s now the 29th of January and I’m pleased to say I have stuck to my guns with the exercise!  But my diet is where I am struggling.  Funny that I want to get into nutrition and I can’t even get myself on track!!!  Well I guess it starts here doesn’t it…if I can get myself sorted I should be able to relate to other people’s difficulties and help them overcome them!

Everyone always says those 3 magic words – Preparation is key – when it comes to your diet.  So, this weekend, I plan to spend my Sunday preparing!  Preparing for the week ahead.  And that’s how it’s going to be!  Just like with my exercise I’m going to accept it as just another part of everyday life…let’s see how I go!  If you have any tips and tricks about preparation when it comes to food I’d love to hear them, so please feel free to comment below or on facebook or twitter.


4 responses to “Preparation is key

  1. coffee2words says:

    Do what I do with dinners (since everything seems to always be for four anyway) make it for four, pack away 2 or 3 serves and eat one. Then you have one dinner and if you freeze it, 3 lunches 🙂 Also, when you prep that carrot/celery/capsicum for dinner, prep another and cut it into sticks. Quick and healthy MT or AT you could even take a low fat dip/hommus/pesto to add good fats and oils in 😀

    • Great tip with the extra carrot/celery/capsicum – if ur already cutting one up and extra one will only take a minute!! 🙂 Again’s the preparation I struggle with – finding the motivation just to cook in the first place! lol

  2. proportionsinlife says:

    This is a great post and a pleasant reminder – not just for diet, but for everything in life. We know to anticipate certain cause-and-effect and then we play “stupid” or “busy” and wonder why we didn’t succeed. When I got into my 60 pound weight loss, the one thing that kept me motivated to prepare for my diet is this: I *will not* work as hard as I do at the gym or on the track, just to go blow it all off on food. Part of it is also learning to respect and love our selves enough to only put nourishment into our bodies – to fuel our best lives possible.
    Life is good.

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