Progression of me

from eighty four to now…

Feeling good

on January 12, 2013

My apologies at the delay in this blog post…2013 has kicked into full swing!  We are already almost half-way through the first month.  Crazy times!

I must say though, that I made a New Years Resolution this year, well two actually, and I know I am going to achieve them.  My mindset has changed – I can feel it and I’m excited about 2013!

My New Years resolution number one was to exercise every day – and so far so good!  Even if it’s as simple as a walk, or 20 sit ups, every little bit is counted.  It’s strange, because I don’t even think of the possibility of not doing it…it’s just part of my day.  Maybe that’s where I was going wrong before?  If you just accept something as part of your routine, part of your daily life, then it’s going to become that.

One thing that keeps me motivated is an app I was recommended to try – Fitocracy – it is like a social network for fitness.  You basically track your exercise and get points.  You can compete is quests and against your friends.  And as you get more points you can “level up”.  You receive props from other members which always feels good.  There are different groups on there where you can find tips and tricks.  It really is a fantastic tool!  I highly recommend checking it out – and while you’re there befriend me and we can compete against each other 😉  you can find me under progressionofme

My second New Years Resolution is to sort my finances out and get them well a decent amount of savings under my belt.  It’s going to be difficult with the two international trips I have planned in the first half of this year, but I still believe I can do it.  It’s all about budgeting.

And that my friends is where I am at…I’m feeling excited and looking forward to what this year is going to bring.  Less than a week now until I turn 29 – and turn my back on the year that was 28.  On wards and upwards – I’ve said it before and I shall say it again – BRING IT ON!


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